The Return Of Atari – A New Market On Linux for Gamers and Developers

Atari, when one here’s this name it immediately brings up memories of classic old-gaming in the 80s and 90s. So to here that Atari is making new gaming system after this many years brings a powerfully warm feeling to my gut.

7g2t2RT6efsmjftwkpSPVQAnd if that not great not news itself (Which it is!) the operating system software that it uses is Linux (Yes Linux!). Being the open-source nature that Linux is, a LOT of possibles become possible that never would be with other OS systems.


There is a crowd funding system being setup before release next year in 2018. If you the gaming community want more control of what you in your home then the Ataribox is an incredible start for gamers and game developers.

William Smith Jr.





Incus In The Metaverse – SteamVR Partnership

SteamVR Incus

Long time no post followers of the Incus! Thank you for following for so long on the journey in game development. As an independent developer, it has taken so much to get to this point (Ten Years!). Incus still has to find a good place in the market for development funding and team building opportunities. But Incus would like to announce our major new partnership with Valve’s SteamVR technology! Yes, Incus was in Seattle, Washington for Valve’s Steam Dev Days 2016 business meeting with fellow game developers like Incus. It as a blessing meeting industry elites like Chet, Joe, and more. One of the main gifts is getting an HTC Vive for SteamVR development! So now Incus is an official virtual reality developer in Nashville,TN and more.

steamvr tracking

It does not stop there, as Valve has developed a backend VR technology for developers as well called
SteamVR Tracking HDK in partnership with Triad Semiconductors. One of the reasons that the Vive is powerful is its laser-based tracking system that enables room-scale playability that‘s part of SteamVR. So yes, this means that Incus is studying hardware electronics and more for developing VR headsets, toys, and more! With this new technology available to us, and with the up coming so called “Metaverse” in near-future this symbolizes the ripples of change happening in computer gaming technology and beyond.

The hope of Incus as a VR developer is that Incus makes great software and hardware products that you will love to play. Please give me your comments on your thoughts on Incus going into virtual reality technology. I would like to thank God, you guys, and SteamVR for this opportunity



William Smith
Incus Interactive Productions | OEM System Builder and SteamVR Tracking HDK Partner

FedEx Small Business Grant Contest!

To the followers of the Incus, we have been given the opportunity from FedEx to compete in their Small Business Grant Contest! As we have multiple partners,Incus does need more resources to do important things for development of our hardware and software for you guys!  Here a screen shot of the page below.




Please click here to vote! If you would like more information about the grant check it out here to see, and check out the video below! We will be giving even more as this develops!

Fated By Chain Update – Steam Machine and Steam Client

Hello all, Incus has a major update on Fated By Chain. Because on hardware contract agreements problems, Fated By Chain will be delayed on Wii U, but will be released on SteamOS (Steam Machines), Steam (Windows), and Incus Interactive Productions LLC’s on site coming soon! We would like to thank people over years of waiting for the release of this game. As an indie developer we’ve learned so much during it’s development and challenges, but a new approach is and was needed for the completion of this software to come to market.

Fated By Chain

Beyond that, the graphics engine has been upgraded to Unity 5, and the control system will be redone to take full advantage of the Steam Controller. There are some other Steam features that we cannot disclose at this stage of development, but you will be surprised when you get play in the world of Lux with Servantu and Quo! Again, I thank you all for years of support or criticisms during this game’s development. A game’s idea that started riding on a public bus! Surely great ideas for creativity can manifest itself from anywhere with the will to pull them into reality.

Below is just a sample of the Unity 5 lighting graphics;

Vulkan – The Revolutionary Computer Graphics API


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Something has been catching on in computer graphics technology that’s so important that it will be implemented for years to come from today! Vulkan an open-standard in graphics software technology has been released from Khronos. In basic terms, Vulkan is a new graphics API that does work similar like  Microsoft’s DirectX or Khronos’ own OpenGL. Vulkan is the next step from OpenGL (OpenGL is cross platform as well.) that gives monstrous performance benefits as seen below from Intel.

Vulkan was originally in the form of another graphics API called Mantle from AMD. To make a long story short, Khronos worked with AMD in favor a new open standard with some serious performances gains as seen from the Intel video. This new API will power many types of hardware from PC’s to VR to mobile. The AMD video will explain Vulkan more in detail.

Of course Valve is one of the main (If not THE main!) supporters of Vulkan outside of Khronos. They have already sponsored the development of an SDK of Vulkan to a company called LunarG. With the combination of the open gaming system the Steam Machine, and the powerful open graphics of Vulkan the future of game development is going to be a vivid one indeed. Because not only is Valve in full support of Vulkan, it’s also Unity Technologies, Sony, Nintendo, AMD, Nvidia, Epic games, Google, and a lot more!