Vulkan – The Revolutionary Computer Graphics API


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Something has been catching on in computer graphics technology that’s so important that it will be implemented for years to come from today! Vulkan an open-standard in graphics software technology has been released from Khronos. In basic terms, Vulkan is a new graphics API that does work similar like  Microsoft’s DirectX or Khronos’ own OpenGL. Vulkan is the next step from OpenGL (OpenGL is cross platform as well.) that gives monstrous performance benefits as seen below from Intel.

Vulkan was originally in the form of another graphics API called Mantle from AMD. To make a long story short, Khronos worked with AMD in favor a new open standard with some serious performances gains as seen from the Intel video. This new API will power many types of hardware from PC’s to VR to mobile. The AMD video will explain Vulkan more in detail.

Of course Valve is one of the main (If not THE main!) supporters of Vulkan outside of Khronos. They have already sponsored the development of an SDK of Vulkan to a company called LunarG. With the combination of the open gaming system the Steam Machine, and the powerful open graphics of Vulkan the future of game development is going to be a vivid one indeed. Because not only is Valve in full support of Vulkan, it’s also Unity Technologies, Sony, Nintendo, AMD, Nvidia, Epic games, Google, and a lot more!