FedEx Small Business Grant Contest!

To the followers of the Incus, we have been given the opportunity from FedEx to compete in their Small Business Grant Contest! As we have multiple partners,Incus does need more resources to do important things for development of our hardware and software for you guys!  Here a screen shot of the page below.




Please click here to vote! If you would like more information about the grant check it out here to see, and check out the video below! We will be giving even more as this develops!


Still Working on are Nintendo WiiU Project!

I would like to let everyone that Fated By Chain is still a go! Over the past two years we’ve went through a lot to bring our vision to you all. One more, Fated by Chain is about the future of the City of Lux!



These are shots of the club lux sealing and the floor. I hope you guys like Fated by Chain when it comes out!